Welcome to Rocky Mountain Caterham, Inc. In 2019, the dormant Caterham USA operations were relaunched by two passionate Seven enthusiasts, who have multiple decades of Caterham and Lotus 7 experience.

Initially, Rocky Mountain Caterham will be operating on a limited basis, focusing on parts sales, kit importation, chassis/roller sales, and chassis builds. Soon we will add additional services, including assisting with engine/transmission installers, customer build guidance, advanced driver training, merchandise,  and community events for all Caterham and Lotus 7 models from 1957 to present.

We manage the largest stateside stock of Seven parts, especially Kent/Xflow parts for Lotus 7s and live-axle Caterhams as well as later Zetec and Duratec powered models. Need something specific? Send us an email with what you need.

New Caterham Sevens:
We offer realistic pricing, and we are taking orders for build slots in the Caterham UK factory queue. USA and global market conditions mean the timing is perfect to order your Seven. The pound / USD exchange rate is extremely favorable, the Seven range better than ever, and amid a contemporary landscape of bloated, heavy, and numb cars that increasingly seek to distance you from your driving experience, it has never been more meaningful to add lightness back in.

Contact us for our introductory pricing on the 280, 310, 360, and 420 models. We will also be able to source 420 CSR and 620 models on a special-order basis.

All models provide a driving experience without peer, though there are alternatives: for just a little bit less than a brand new Seven, Mazda’s MX5 is highly recommended. And for those who require a roof to protect their delicate hairdo, may we suggest Porsche. For those who savor a driving experience in its rawest, most distilled form, free of any artificial driver aids, then the ageless Seven is the best pure driver’s car ever built. If you’ve driven one, you know.

Be seeing you,

Rocky Mountain Caterham, Inc.