How does one pronounce Caterham?

An ever so slight middle syllable, i.e. “KAY-turRUM” is also passable. In no known terrestrial languages is it pronounced CATTER-ham.

Are Caterham Sevens street legal?

Indeed. They are legal in all 50 US states, though title and registration requirements vary by state.

How do I register my Caterham?

This will vary depending upon your state DMV requirements so check with them to get the best information for your situation. In general, once the build is completed, the car will need to have a verification of both the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) and the donor engine compliance paperwork which must match the number on the car frame and engine respectively. Once this has been completed, the state may assign a VIN or it may use the frame number and issue a title and plates for the completed car.

Why does a Caterham cost so much/so little?

What looks to be a very simple slip of a car is really an amazing engineering package, which you will discover when you assemble yours. It is after seeing all the quality bits and the precision with which they go together that you will be amazed how you get so much for so little. Final US pricing is also highly resultant of the UKP/USD exchange rate and shipping/duties costs.

Will I fit in it?

It depends! Traditionally, the standard S3 chassis (all Sevens have been “long-cockpit” since the early 1990s) fits drivers up to 6′ 1″ and 180 lbs. The lowered floor option adds a couple inches of additional height, and is also useful for clearing the roll bar with a helmet on in order to pass the “broomstick test” for track safety. The SV chassis option adds an additional four inches of cockpit width and length, allowing drivers up to 6′ 5″+ and 220lbs+.

Foot size: In all chassis sizes, the small pedal box means heel-and-toeing is challenge for those with feet US10 or larger. Snug shoes are highly recommended, e.g., Piloti driving shoes, Puma Speed Cats, or Onitsuka Tigers.

Do I go S or R?

The S pack is is optimized for touring comfort, with basic creature comforts, windscreen, and weather protection, and is well-suited to brisk blats on backroads and an occasional lapping day at the track. The R pack is more track-oriented, and brings the sharper, rawer, harder edge of the Seven to the fore.

Sigma or Duratec?

The all aluminum 1.6 Sigma engine weighs over 45 pounds less than a 2.0 Duratec, giving a Seven a sense of lightness and balance perfectly matching the Seven ethos. The Duratec, on the other hand, has a stronger torque curve and is more easily built to higher power levels (over 220bhp is common). Either is an excellent road engine, with the Sigma slightly better suited to the traditional Seven character. For track work, the Duratec is more ideal.

5 Speed or 6 speed?

From 2019 onward, the 5 speed from the MX5 is the standard Caterham gearbox. The Ford Sierra (T9) and Caterham six speed have been discontinued.

How do I order one?

See our Ordering page.